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Great Lakes Scuttlebutt has been around for more than 25 years and now you can show your love of the magazine while on your boat, at the grocery store, or wherever!

We are a small business supported exclusively by advertising dollars and your love!
Show your support of our free magazine and keep it going for years to come.

What's Available

We have men's T-shirts and Long Sleeve shirts available, as well as two different kinds of hats. Sizes are available from small - 3XL.

All Shirts are Port & Company brand and are made from quality wicking fabric - the perfect material to keep you cool on hot days on the boat! They come with the GLS logo on the front breast and a large "Scuttlebutt" image on the back.

Hats come in two styles - ball cap or fishing. The ball cap is adjustable via a leather strap and brass clasp. Both are beige in color.

Separately, we have a more extensive, ever-growing on-demand store at Check it out!


We only ship to the US and Canada. Shipping within the US is free. Shipping to Canada is a flat $5.00 USD fee.

How to order:

    1. From the drop-down menu below each item, choose the size you want to order.
    2. Select "Add to Cart"
    3. A new tab in your browser will open, showing you what is in your cart. On this new tab, you can change the quantity of items if you wish to order multiples of the SAME size.
    4. Otherwise, you may continue shopping and "Adding to Cart" until you are ready to pay.
    5. When ready to pay, follow the instructions in your cart. If your other tab is not open, you may click "View Cart"
    6. If an item is out of stock, PayPal will notify you as such when you go to "Check Out." Please note that the SIZE of the item is what is out of stock, not the item itself. If you encounter this 'sold out' notice, please select a different size.

Short Sleeve - White

Long Sleeve - White

Short Sleeve - Grey

Long Sleeve - Grey

Short Sleeve - Navy

Long Sleeve - Navy

Beige - One Size

Beige - One Size


Subscription to Great Lakes Scuttlebutt - Select Number of Years (All Prices Are In USD)

If you are ready to pay, click the "View Cart" button and securely pay online!

If you want to browse other options we have available in our on-demand store, please visit our Cafe Press site HERE.

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