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Our Advertisers Are Wonderful!

It's no secret that, as a FREE MAGAZINE, our advertisers help keep us in the business
of supplying you with all your latest "scuttlebutt."  

But some of our advertisers have gone a step further
and are actually sponsoring sweepstakes you could win!


Look Your Best This Summer with
Amazing UV Tech Apparel From Gill Marine

With spring and summer on the horizon, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt partnered with Gill Marine, one of the world’s leading brands in marine apparel, to offer readers up to $600 worth of gear from across their UV Tech collection, perfect for any adventure on the water.
First, Second and Third prizes for both men and women! 

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PS: If you're looking for the sailing charter giveaway to the British Virgin Islands, please be aware that the entry period has ended. We are currently in search of our winner and will announce the winner when we have one!