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Pioneer 266 Pelagic

Pelagic is defined as "relating to the open ocean" and Pioneer's Pelagic 266 is built for exactly that. But don’t let the word ‘ocean’ turn you away from these ideal Great Lakes boats. The intense conditions of the open ocean and the challenges of blue water fishing demand a boat be built – actually overbuilt – for whatever conditions are thrown at it, and the quickly changing weather of the Great Lakes require the same.

In the 266 Pelagic, everything is big. This boat has a deep vee with a pronounced carolina flare and steeper dead rise; a large fuel tank capacity and oversized bait tank; extra rod holders throughout the boat; and a very large flat dash console perfect for multiple large displays that can provide you with all the important information at your fingertips.

The Pelagic 266 lives up to its name in every way. The ultimate big water boat, built for whatever the open water cares to dish out, but with enough creature comforts to keep the family happy. Ultimately safe, dry, smooth, and ready to take you in style to roam big, powerful places or go out with the crowd for family fun!

For more information, visit or contact Marine Tech Concepts at or (419) 732-3355 today.

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