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Intrepid 200 Flats

Intrepid 200 Flats

The 200 Flats is back. Because some legends never die.

They say history repeats itself. Well, the Intrepid 200 Flats is evidence of that because itís back better than ever. Itís the 25th anniversary of this magnificent boat and, rest assured, it maintains all the core dynamics and thoughtful features customers loved while optimizing performance with the latest technological advancements. With all these new additions, this boat is destined to be even more legendary than the original.

Todayís version is equipped with the most advanced trolling motor out there. But since trolling motors have become much, much bigger over the years, the folks at Intrepid built a larger compartment for a highly advanced hideaway trolling motor thatís completely stowed away under the deck and deployed through the bow after opening the hatch.

At the push of a button in the console, you can go from a sitting console height to having it electrically raise so you can run the boat standing up allowing you to gauge the depth of the water as you run along. The 200 Flats also boasts four baitwells, rod lockers, plenty of storage, and a revolutionary stepped tunnel hull for a superbly smooth, dry ride at high speeds and the ability to run in shallow water. A hull that is fully resin-infused and built with an innovative woven hybrid never before used in the powerboat industry. The 200 Flats is the first Intrepid to combine carbon fiber with high performance, lightweight Innegra(TM) fiber.

Needless to say, the innovation, comfort and safety aboard the 200 Flats is nothing short of historic.

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