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Lund 1875 Crossover XS Hybrid

2021 Lund 1875 Crossover XS

A Hybrid Fish and Ski Boat

Just when you thought the 1875 Crossover XS couldn’t get any better, Lund perfected its blend of an 18-foot fishing boat with a recreational sport boat. Choose from 36 different color combinations, add an optional rear aft lounging pad, or easily convert the bow from a fishing platform to a lounging area. Whether you’re into fishing, tubing, wakeboarding, or water skiing, this is the perfect fishing boat for the family.

Built on a tradition of quality, unmatched strength, performance, and design, what truly sets Lund apart is in their building process: “F.I.S.H.,” which means Fit & Finish, IPS (Intergrade Power Strake) hulls, Storage, and High resale. Lund IPS hull technology provides unmatched control and a smoother, drier ride by offering a pronounced center keel, flat pad, and reverse chine. Lund’s prominent center keel keeps your boat tracking true and helps the boat react instantly to subtle steering movements, giving you the ability to maneuver with precision at any speed. The flat pad in the center of the hull delivers clean water to the motor and provides maximum lift, reducing drag without sacrificing stability for a great top speed. The reverse chine design gives your boat unmatched corning ability and control.

Lund uses 5052 H 34 Aluminum and has introduced a new High-Density Performance (HDP) composite transom. HDP Transom is a rot-proof alternative to marine grade plywood with the additional benefits of being stronger, stiffer, and lighter. This all translates into increased boat performance under a range of conditions. With Lund’s tradition of serving the quality our customers demand, the Lund 1875 Crossover XS has something for everyone. Take a look at Lund; you will see the difference.


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