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Buehler Turbocraft: Silverfin

Buehler Turbocraft: Silverfin

Iconic American boat brand Turbocraft, made famous for its appearance in the James Bond movie, Thunderball, unveils its latest model, Silverfin, an innovative 39-foot boat that is expected to be the world’s most fuel-efficient boats of its class.

Halfway between a traditional lobster boat and an explorer, Silverfin is a new breed of craft never seen before in the market that received an innovation award from Switzerland for its development. Silverfin’s seaworthy characteristics and low consumption make it a unique craft for those who want to go further in style, security and comfort.

The semi-planing hull has outstanding fuel-efficiency, stability, and comfort in navigation. With a light weight of about 6 tons and powered by a single engine, Silverfin will have a fuel consumption many times lower than a conventional boat with a planing hull. A hybrid version has also been considered.

Among the aesthetic and functional features are the iconic Turbocraft “fashion plate” that can have custom metal finishes for a unique look, large glass panels allowing for a maximum of natural light in the cabin, and a central pilot station with a 360° unobstructed view to maneuver in maximum comfort and security.

This unique blend of comfort, design, elegance, security and fuel-efficiency makes Silverfin the very best fit for many geographical areas as well as commercial applications such as super-yacht tender, limousine taxi or shuttle service for luxury resorts, marinas or yacht clubs intending to raise expectations and service standards of their hosts. The first two hulls are already under construction at its European yard and potential customers are already showing interest. Silverfin will make its debut on the Mediterranean Sea in summer 2018.

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