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Boat Transducer Mounting and Management Woes: Boat Owners, Dealers Worldwide Find Answers with SternMate™

Published: Sunday, August 8, 2010 12:00 pm
By: Nanticoke Maritime LLC

Prior to installing, refitting or upgrading your transom-mounted transducer, check with the experts at Nanticoke Maritime LLC.  Whether you are a boat owner or dealer, you can now avoid potentially damaging, often ineffective "direct-to-transom" and "cutting board" type transducer installations.

With 50 years on the water, Captain Chris – owner of Nanticoke Maritime – is no newcomer to boating and understands the problems boaters encounter associated with inferior sonar transducer installation and management.  His keen knowledge of transducer management can help save the boat owner the aggravation of substandard marine transducer sounding performance or many thousands of dollars in repairing installation damages caused by stealthy water intrusion.  Captain Chris reveals that, in one form or another, transducer mounting problems comprise the majority of all marine sonar electronic's troubleshooting issues.  All too frequent are the notoriously aggravating attempts at properly adjusting a transducer for an optimum sounding.  The ticking time-bomb for boat leaks can become a devastating reality created by "old style" screwed-on mounts.

According to Captain Chris, boat owners invariably fail to become familiar with the disclaimers contained within their boat warranty or in their electronic's installation instructions.  In the case of dealers, many are just as lax by not reviewing the warranty with the new boat owner prior to delivery.  Boat manufacturers draft general language and disclaimers (i.e. "modification and alteration" clauses) to protect themselves from claims regarding equipment installed after it left the factory.

"It is a great idea to follow the warranty regardless of the age of the boat," says Captain Chris, "and should continue to be followed for the life of the boat by all boat owners and their dealers.  Sure, we all know that advice abounds on 'how to drill screw-holes in your boat hull,' but, if you think about it for just a moment, is all that advice really sound?"

Boaters around the world acknowledge the advice of Captain Chris.  "Taking your advice [by installing SternMate™], I am very pleased as I can hold bottom with my depth finder... it is a feat I have never been able to achieve before.  Thank you for a great product," said B. Brooks, Newport N.C.

The SternMate™ transducer mounting system has been engineered to work in the harshest of marine environments and, by its very design, to help its user obtain an optimum sounding.  SternMate™ has been uniquely developed from the most advanced engineering and research, combining the effect of water dynamics, the finest marine plastics and the perfect marriage of components and adhesives. It was by no accident that SternMate™ has evolved and is recognized by users as the transducer mounting system of choice.

Unique to the boating community, the SternMate™ Transducer Mounting System by Nanticoke Maritime LLC was developed by Captain Chris and has consistently exceeded user expectations as the most revered transducer management system ever.

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