Get Involved with Great Lakes Scuttlebutt

Thank you for taking time to get involved in Great Lakes Scuttlebutt!

Among our usual interesting reads, our Winter "Boat Show" Issue (Jan/Feb) 2018 will be themed to:

  1. Introduce 2018 Boat Models AND
  2. Welcome New Boaters

We will be showcasing all the most exciting new boat models...
But we need YOUR help
to truly welcome new boaters to our community.

To best welcome new boaters to the boating community, we want to know something about your experience as a new boater, whenever that was!  

The best entries will appear in our Winter Issue 2018!

Thanks again!


What boating advice do you wish you had known when you first started boating?
As a seasoned boater now, what is your best piece of advice for new boaters?